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KolkataHeritage Walking Tours

Heritage walk is an heritage awareness tour of the distinct architectural heritage of Calcutta. It highlights the evolution of this city from where it all began, Dalhousie Square. There are two distinct walks.  

First, The Heritage Walk of Dalhousie Square.  Second, The Heritage Walk along the meandering lanes and bylanes of the traditional neighbourhoods of North Calcutta. The Dalhousie Square Walking Tour takes people on a two kilometer (two hour) trip around some 15 buildings in the area, including the imposing Writers Building, the newly renovated Town Hall, the St John’s Churchyard and the historic Metcalfe Hall.

The North Calcutta Walking Tour takes people through the meandering north Calcutta lanes and hidden courtyards of merchants and noble’s houses steeped in the history of the 300 year old city.  This tour also includes the House of Rabindranath Tagore and the Marble Palace. The tour ends with a coffee at the Coffee House.

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