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Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010

Stilwell Road Inheritance Peace Park – Cross Border Tourism for Peace!

T R A N S C E N D I N G   B O U N D A R I E S
(Promoted By Department of Tourism, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh)

The intention of the PPWF 2010 to transcend geographical frontiers by revealing the enigma of amazing Arunachal, including that of mesmerizing Myanmar, has yielded delightful upshots. It has become a wonderful medium to commemorate the glorious bygone eras of the many lively tribes of the serene state. In fact, the three years old mega event has been successfully scripting the triumphs of tribal heritage and ethnicity.

The venue of the event, Nampong, itself has been designated as a global village as it conjoins the diverse tribes of the North East region and of Myanmar to display their customs and cultures in the broader perspective. The cultural carnival has cut across social barriers, inspiring the secluded regions to celebrate the ethnic existences that strongly bond all the distinct tribes with diverse cultures and different religious backgrounds.

Besides illustrating cultures and traditions, this mega event also offers Kodak Moments for the awestruck visitors. Located in one of the most peaceful and eco-friendly territories, Pangsau Pass is a nature’s storehouse. As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of the ethnic extravaganza, events spontaneously begin to weave unforgettable memories. The rustic lanes, the endless greeneries, the dense foliages obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets near the historic Stillwell Road, the birds diving through the tree canopies, the insects in the forest floor, and the galloping animals make a sojourn here worthwhile.

The humility and straightforwardness of the locals add integrity to the magical valley. Here, laidback life offers plenty of time to experience the ethnic fidelity and tribal hospitality. Be there to share in the simple musical elation of life. The PPWF 2010 hosts the tribal spirit, cuisines, customs, and the environmental existence in this strangest of civilizations existing in the inaccessible terrains of the Patkai and the Himalayan ranges. It’s a joy to explore the tribal land and begin one’s voyage towards the shrouded paradises. Immerse yourself in the essence of the ethnic extravaganza and don’t forget to open your drowsy eyes to glance at the exquisite elegance of the exotic countryside - an immaculate place fortified by serenity, and celebrating the fabulous, varied and vivacious ethnicity.

Sometimes ordinary moments offer the most extraordinary moments of life and linger in our memories like the freshest of fragrances. The PPWF 2010 will be one of those extraordinary moments - moments of trekking the alien boondocks, curbing the lure to pluck the wild orchids; the breathless moments as a barking deer gallops by without warning; the rapid panting and the urge to rest after a disastrous chase of beautiful butterflies; the furtive glances as beautiful tribal belles pass by; the effort to comprehend the melodies in the local dialects; the attempts in the sign language while trying to bargain on indigenous artifacts; restraining the urge to join a group of beautiful dancing belles; nibbling on the organic taste of the cuisines and, finally, gulping the ethnic brewages to glide up towards cloud nine. 

During the three-day extravaganza, survive the heady thrill of the folk songs and dances, the ethnic food fiesta, traditional sports, the Pangsau Pass expedition, sightseeing, eco-trekking, angling, boating in Rima river, Burmese culture, as well as visits to the World War-II cemetery, the border bazaar, The Lake of No Return, The Hell Gate, WW-II medical ruins at Wintong, the ethnic museum...the list of pleasures is long.

Everything freezes in the memories, the incredible memories of that freezing January. Time halts, memories tumble on to the albums and life smiles. Relive eternally those nostalgic moments created by the ethnic fiesta called Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010.

Inner line permits for domestic tourists will be made available instantly on arrival at check gates during the festival. Home stay and tented accommodations on reasonable tariff are available.

Dates – 20-22nd January, 2010    Venue – Nampong, Arunachal Pradesh

About The Place

Nampong, the venue of the Pangsau Pass Winter Festival, is an EAC HQ of Changlang district (situated in the southeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh, North East India). A small hilly town along the Indo-Myanmar border and Namchik basin, it is covered with evergreen tropical rainforest.

The physical characteristic of this place and the magnificent festival is amazing and amorous – a heaven on earth. Cumulus clouds courts the rich, Blue Mountains; fogs blur the vision; chilly winds caress the exposed skin, refresh the stressed mind and, in the end, bedazzle the heart. Everything appears mysterious and majestic here.

If you are a bona fide eco-trekker or regard yourself to be a serious global explorer, pack your bag, discard your reservations, buy a ticket and travel down to the land of dawn lit mountains, Arunachal Pradesh, to explore and experience the powerful magic of PPWF 2010.

The festival unfolds the magnificent things of this secluded place. The locals are naive and courteous. Honesty and simplicity still survive in this part of the world. The Tangsa hospitality is overwhelming and one of the best in the world. The local delicacies are mouth watering, the smiles contagious, the gazes curious, the responses cordial, and the attitude towards strangers amicable, which makes this place an ideal destination to visit.

Along with the festival there are other things of tourist attraction. The historical Stilwell Road does not need any introduction, being the gateway of trade for the entire North East region. Driving down the serpentine Stilwell Road magnifies the excitement manifold, and while on the move, on the way to the festival ground, there is another place of utmost importance - the WW-II cemetery that reminds one of the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers to secure our today.

The surprise does not end on the festive ground, though; there is more in the package. As the journey moves into tribal territory, the fragrance of wild orchids enthralls the weary mind, the ballet of colorful butterflies gladdens the heart, the throng of lively birds hypnotizes - and those startling experiences encourage asking for more. The excursion from the mainland of Nampong to the No Man’s Land on the international border is remarkable.

Hi-tech cameras cannot capture the magic and the moods of the festival. Still images will always narrate an incomplete story and an unfinished song. Visit here to live the charisma of the festival and to experience the beauty of the hidden region called Arunachal Pradesh, a concealed place surrounded by peace and happiness. Be an integral part of it when the PPWF happens, and savour the enchanting moments for years to come.


How to Reach

Nampong is easily accessible by road and air heads.

The nearest airport, Dibrugarh, is only 140 km away and there are daily flights of all major airlines. The nearest rail head, Tinsukia, is 97 km away and some trains even snuggle up to Ledo, 34 km from here. The Arunachal and Assam state transport departments run regular bus services from Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Margherita.

Where to Stay

As of now there is no hotel in Nampong, but the festival’s organizers and some tour operators have arranged home stay and tented accommodation for tourists who intend to live in the scenic villages.


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