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About Help Tourism Pvt. Ltd.

We have embarked on a remarkable journey spanning 33 years - a journey that has seen us transition from storing data on papers to creating captivating digital brochures. We are humbled and grateful for the unwavering support we have received along the way.

Our mission, encapsulated in the acronym HELP (Heritage, Environment, Livelihood, and People), was born on a historic day - the 15th of August 1991. Since then, we have been tirelessly working towards our vision of linking protected areas and heritage sites of the East Himalaya with the livelihoods of local communities through responsible tourism.

We firmly believe that by fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among these communities, we can pave the way for conservation and sustainability. Our efforts not only benefit the breath taking natural landscapes and cultural treasures of this region but also contribute to the well-being and prosperity of its people.

This year, 2023-24, we dedicate ourselves to creating a harmonious bond between travellers and their surroundings. With every step you take, we will be there to guide and support you on your nature-culture journey. From organizing immersive activities to ensuring your comfort and safety, we strive to make your experience truly exceptional.

Join us in this extraordinary adventure as we forge ahead with purpose and passion. Together, let's make a positive impact on our planet while creating unforgettable experiences for travellers seeking authentic encounters with nature and local traditions. Let's embark on a transformative journey that leaves behind lasting memories and contributes towards a more sustainable future for all.

At Help Tourism, we understand that each traveller is unique. That's why we offer custom-made signature trips tailored for small groups, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience that exceeds your expectations. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature as you embark on our carefully curated safari trips, birding holidays, and trekking expeditions. Experience the thrill of encountering rare wildlife species, capturing breath taking moments through photography and documentary trips, and contributing to vital conservation research