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High AltitudeTrekking and Expeditions

Trekking and expeditions are not about climbing mountains or summit. Trekking is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy authentic encounters with the people and environment of the Himalayas. The magnanimity and the isolation of the mountains, the physical challenge and uncertainty, the myths, mysteries and the legendary Sherpas of the Himalayas…. And, the story of Yeti carried by a spill of howling air emerging from a crevice or a lofty cliff in a silent moon-lit night will only humble us enough to understand and appreciate the supremacy of the Nature God!

Indian Himalayas have always been considered as one of the most astounding trekking destinations in the world and have attracted many a trekkers and climbers from across the globe. And, the East Himalaya-vibrant with a stunning juxtapose of biodiversity – having two jewels in its crown-the highest and the third highest mountains: Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga respectively – occupies a top position in any trekker’s agenda.

Darjeeling was the base of all the early Everest expeditions where the all-time hero of the mountains Tenzing Norgay trained a generation of mountaineers and trekkers in the world famous Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI). Later, Sikkim-The Last Shangri La and Arunachal Pradesh-The Land of the Rising Sun opened numerous trekking and expeditions routes for the travellers to explore the most secretive beauties of the East Himalaya.

High Altitude Trekking Tours :

Sikkim & Darjeeling Himalaya -

Kanchenjunga Trek
(Kanchenjunga National Park)
Dzongri-Goechala (highest point 4030m. – 7 to 10 Days/Hard Trek)

Kanchenjunga Trek
(Singhalila National Park)
Sandakphu-Phalut (highest point 3636m. – 7 to 10 Days/Soft Trek)

Kanchenjunga Trek
(Varsey Wildlife Sanctuary)
Varsey (highest point 3050m. – 3 to 5 Days/Soft Trek)

Neora Valley Village Trek
(Neora Valley National Park)
Rachela Dara (highest point: 3050m. – 5 to 7 Days/Soft Trek)

Neora Valley Nature Expedition
(Neora Valley National Park)
Neora Valley Jungle (highest point: 3050m. – 5 to 7 Days/Soft Trek)

Fambongla Nature Trek
(Fambongla Wildlife Sanctuary)
Tinjure (highest point: 2743m. – 3 to 4 Days/Soft Trek)

Mainamla Nature Trek
(Mainam Wildlife Sanctuary)
Maenam-Bhaley Dhunga (highest point: 3140m. – 5 to 7 Days/Soft Trek)

Treking Tour in Arunachal Pradesh

Dree Valley Trek
Anini-Gipulin-Agrimbronlin-Acheson-Etabe-Amulin-Italin-Roing-Dibrugarh (11 Days)

Talley Valley Trekking Expedition
Tezpur/Itanagar-Ziro-Pange- Talley Valley-Ziro-Tezpur/Itanagar (9 Days)

High Altitude Trekking Expedition
Tezpur-Bomdila- Jang-Roh- Broksher-Thingbu- Mago-Jithang- Meruthang-Jithang- Mago-Luguthang- Sela-Bomdila-Tezpur (16 Days)

Semi-Altitude Trekking Expedition
Tezpur-Bomdila- Thembang-Semnak- Lagam-Chander- Shangti valley-Sela pass- Chabrilla-Bangazang- Nurnang-Tawang- Bomdila-Guwahati (16 Days)